Panasonic is a top Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics.  Their ideas and innovations are making millions of lives simple for more than a century. They serve the world with their unique technology and great after sales service. The Japanese multinational company earned a remarkable trust within the UK through their Viera range of televisions. Panasonic Viera TXL42E31B is one of the best selling LED televisions of its class. Usually a standard LCD television comes with CCFL (cold cathode florescent lighting) but this LCD television has LED backlighting which makes the television more updated with great picture quality. The LED backlighting suits perfect with this 42 inch LED HD ready television. The sound is clear and crisp when we compare with other LED LCD television with very normal sound quality. Panasonic Viera series of LCD televisions are one of the best selling televisions in the market today. There are many attractive and extensive features give the confidence to take home this 42 inch Full HD television. The wide options of connectivity give the provision to connect any digital add-ons.

Eye Catching Design and Looks

When you walk through the high street or browse through online shopping websites for a good looking LED television and get attracted by some televisions, Panasonic TX-L42E31B 42 inch Full HD television will be one of them. They design is really alluring, as its way slimmer than a standard LCD televisions. Panasonic designed it with care, to make sure the television gathers the attention with its glossy black bezel when it is kept with an array of televisions in a display. Its bezel is brushed with grey and a light grey shade in the bottom of the television and it gives an eye catching look to this 42 inch edge LED television. The panel is the high quality IPS panel which are dominantly present only in the high priced LED televisions. It’s rare to find such top class panel in this class of television.

The brand itself explains the design and built quality. The bezel is much thinner than this range of LCD LED televisions from other famous brands. It is beautifully designed and very thin depth looks elegant when mounted on a wall. It best matches for wall mounting in a master bedroom, a medium sized living room or can even be kept standing in a family room. The 42 inch LED backlight television gives a very rich look no matter it’s turned on or turned off. A good looking television is something mandatory for a well designed living room to attract the visitors and add extra beauty to the living room. Panasonic TX-L42E31B 42 inch widescreen LED LCD television suits well for that. The broad and sharp edged stand gives the 42 inch LCD display a great support and grip to make sure the TV resists any kind of usage disturbances. Over all the design and looks of this 42 inch Panasonic LED LCD television is good enough to reach today’s design standards and very challenging to its rivals in its class. Its excellent built quality proves the craftsmanship of Panasonic and beats all the contenders.

Panasonic TX-L42E31B LED TV

Picture Quality and Features

When we talk about picture quality, Panasonic TXL42E31B Full HD television stands the class apart from other LED LCD television of its range. Panasonic delivered the best of their picture quality in all their Viera range of televisions without any constraints. Unlike other LCD televisions with traditional CCFL backlighting, this 42 Inch widescreen television delivers the best black levels as it has edge LED backlighting to enhance the colours and deliver them more vivid and natural. The high contrast level of 2000000:1 and high brightness gives very bright and clearer pictures in 42 inch widescreen. The aspect ratio of 16:9 and widescreen mode ensures the adjustment of the picture size to the maximum level quite enough for very detailed viewing experience. There are five picture modes to select as per the type of the picture being watched. They are Dynamic, Normal, True Cinema and Game which are default optimal modes set by the manufacturer. The viewing angle of 178 degree is perfect to get a great angle no matter wherever you sit in front of the TV and there is no need to adjust the screen to get a better view.

The full HD resolution of Panasonic TX-L42E31B Edge LED television supports up to 1080p resolution which is the maximum HD resolution and higher than a standard HD television. The full HD can be experienced only if a full HD input is given and it varies according to the resolution of the picture. Some people think that the movies viewed in a television are not equal to the viewing experience in a movie theatre. This Panasonic Viera LED television proves that a myth and even a television can deliver best pictures like being watched in a cinema hall, with its 24p technology. So the movies or any other programmes can be watched in the way it should be watched. Stunning action sports like football, F1 racing, and rafting or speedy action movies can be watched without any blur with 100Hz per second which produces 100 pictures a second to ensure the real speed of the picture.

Panasonic’s CATS is one of the notable features, it optimises the picture according to the external light and makes sure the there is no interruption from other light source. The resolution enhancer enhances the low quality picture into a decent high quality picture to get the best out of the input by selecting the enhancement range minimum or maximum as per the requirement.

FreeView HD

Freeview channels are most welcomed in the UK for its wide coverage and range of channels and more attractive part is that you don’t have to pay anything to receive this channels. They have variety of popular HD channels in their FreeviewHD device. Usually, a Freeview tuner or or FreeviewHD tuner is required to get this free service, but there won’t be any need to buy any of them if you own Panasonic TX-L42E31B Freeview HD television.

Yes, this Panasonic Viera 42 inch widescreen LED LCD television has built-in Freeview HD television. It brings high definition channels like BBC One HD, ITV One HD, BBC HD, 4 HD, Clirlun and many other HD channels to the living room without paying anything extra for contracts or subscription. The list of Freeview and Freeview HD channels differs from place to place around the UK, so it is advised to check with their website with to make sure your favourite channels are available in your locality.
Viera exclusives, Smart TV and other features

Panasonic’s Viera range of LED televisions has their own exclusive features than it other range of televisions. The Viera features like Viera link, V-Surround, Vreal plus, Viera tools makes this 42 inch widescreen full HD TV ease to use and enhances the standard options. Nowadays, internet connectivity has became one of the main requirement in a latest LED television and this edge Panasonic TX-L42E31B is not an exception as it comes with an Ethernet cable port which gives the provision to access internet via home cable, high speed broadband connection or an additional wireless dongle. Internet applications are not exclusive to computers anymore, as this Panasonic 42 inch Smart TV has pre installed internet applications including BBC i-player.

Child lock, on/off timer, Game mode, Q-link, eco navigation, 7 days electronic programme guide (EPG) are the other available interesting features.

Sound Quality

The two 10w stereo speakers can produce sufficient high quality audio for standard TV programmes and playing games. But when it comes to HD movies which have to be watched with better sound, an additional speaker system is always needed. Panasonic’s V-audio surround system gives better sound output when a home cinema system is connected. There are three pre defined audio modes; they are user, music and game modes. It gives optimal audio options. And yes, the audio can also be adjusted using the graphic equaliser.


There are quite a lot of connectivity options available with Panasonic TX-L42E31B 42 inch edge LED Smart TV with DLNA technology. A scart socket is given to connect satellite box, dvd player or dvd recorder. The Ethernet port in the back of the television supports high speed Ethernet cable to connect to get internet access. Memory card slot is given in the side of the television to access the video footage or images from a SD card. Headphone can be connected to the headphone jack. USB port enables the support for USB devices like digital camera, digital camcorder, or wireless dongle. CI slot is in the side of the television near the memory card reader which gives the provision to upgrade to pay per view channels. There are four HDMI ports given to connect up to four HD devices like Playstation 3, Blu-ray player or even DVD recorders at the same time. With extensive connectivity options this Panasonic Viera LED television wins 4 out of 5.


Panasonic Viera TX-L42E31B edge LED television ranks top in build quality, design, connectivity, picture quality in its class. The price tag is also quite reasonable for such a high featured LED backlight television. It lacks behind when we compare with latest LED televisions, as the 3D televisions are the talk of the market these days. But they are not as affordable as this Viera LED TV which has almost all features of a LED television. If you can compromise with the lack of 3D compatibility, Panasonic TX-L42E31B LED backlight full HDTV is one of the best option. The 32 inch option of this range is TX-L32E31B. Both models has no difference other than its screen size and power consumption. Here we handpicked the best prices from top retailers and compared for your shopping convenience.

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Manufacturer Panasonic
Model Name TX-L42E31B
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 1,002 x 646 x 288 mm (with stand)
1,002 x 611 x 75 mm (without stand)
Weight 17.5 kg (with stand)
14.0 kg(without stand)
Colour Glossy Black with light grey shade at the bottom
Display Size 42 Inch (Diagonal)
Display type LCD (with Edge LED backlighting)
Panel Type IPS Panel
HD ready Yes
Image aspect Ratio 16:9
Features Game mode
Built in Freeview HD tuner
Aspect Ratio of 16:9
Supports full HD resolution of 1080p
100 Hz refresh rate
Smart TV
178 degree viewing angle
Warranty 1 Year